Work With Sam

Sam Merrell is a husband and father of two daughters. 

He is an advocate for open source and free software both the code that is produced and the communities that organize around an open source project. He started using Linux on and off back in the early 2000's starting with Slackware and moving on to Debian until he discovered Ubuntu in 2005 and has been using Ubuntu full time since January 2009. Sam loves code and learning new technologies and has been very interested in JVM-based languages like Scala, Groovy, and Clojure as well as dabbling with functional programming. Dynamic languages such as Python, Ruby and Javascript are also an area of interest as well as web development and tools such ad Django, Groovy on Grails to REST-based services and distributed collaboration.

Sam tries to improve himself each day and gain as much knowledge and skill as he can. He enjoys working closely with other passionate developers learning from them and collaborating on exciting new projects. He recently left IBM where he was a tester for the WebSphere Application Server web services component.

Check out his CV and say hi at merrell dot sam at gmail dot com if you're interested in working with him.