Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Office Design

While I haven't worked in a real office for even a year yet, there are some things I've become acutely aware of regarding my office space. Office design and layout is incredibly important to everyone and can have a large impact on how I work. While I'm glad I'm not stuck in a cube farm and actually have an office where I can shut my door, there are still some things I think all offices should have. Here are just a few of the things I would like to see in my office.

1. Ergonomic Chair

Image by: Crouching Donkey

I had the opportunity to use a nice ergonomic chair a few weeks ago and now I'm wondering how I still sit in a regular, barely adjustable chair. I was much more comfortable in the ergonomic chair and that allowed me to focus on my work better and for a longer period of time. My only problem with an ergonomic chair? They are pretty pricey, hopefully you can convince your work that you should be using an ergonomic chair.

2. Adjustable Desk

Biomorph Maxo

I like having a nice big desk like I do at work, but what I don't like is that its one huge hunk of desk. My desk also lacks the under-desk keyboard and mouse tray, this has been making me keep my arms in a much more uncomfortable position and it has been making my shoulders ache. I've also been interested in sit-to-stand desks lately because I get tired of sitting all day at work and standing for a while would also help me make sure I'm taking regular breaks to reduce fatigue.

3. Multiple Monitors

Image by: Alastair Tse

Right now I use my Lenovo T60p as my main computer, but I have two other desktops that are also being used. One of them runs without a monitor via VNC and the other uses a crappy old Dell CRT. As a developer, I would be so much more productive with at least two monitors, the studies, and developers using multiple monitors can't be wrong.

Those for me, are the most important changes I would like to see in my office. Hopefully I can start working towards a more ergonomic, and productive office space.

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  1. Now that's the type of stuff I want in my office space! I've always wanted to have two monitors just so that my windows aren't cluttered in a single screen. I remember seeing a desk in am office space in Dulles, VA with two monitors. He can look at a lot of stuff at the same time. Well, not really simultaneously. More like he can see a lot of stuff, and he wouldn't have to do alt-tab too much or something.

    About that desk, I remember seeing that one as well, this time in an office space in Reston, VA. The desk is so clean! Anyway, thanks for sharing these pictures with us!