Monday, November 08, 2010

A Change of Pace

It has been a while since I last posted anything up on my blog (apparently when IBM laid me off) so I'm starting to sense a bit of a trend here. :)

Since my last post I got a job with a couple of great friends at Mediaport Entertainment doing .NET development starting with Silverlight and ASP.NET. It has been a really great experience to get back into .NET from Java and I've had lots of fun picking up the many ways C# has changed from its early Java-clone days. We've been working on the next version of our web store and I helped decide that we should move away from Silverlight and ASP.NET to give ASP.NET MVC a try. It has been a great experience learning web development with this platform and I'm excited to keep building my skills in web development and learning Javascript / jQuery.

But now I'm moving to a new company that I'm really excited about. Extend Health is where I've decided to move to now and I am really looking forward to starting there. They have a great team of developers, many of them Neumont graduates. I'll still be doing .NET and ASP.NET MVC development but I feel I'm going to have a great time learning from all the developers there.

And to finish off Extend Health was the first company I've had an interview where I was asked to build a web app and on the next interview we would discuss it. I have to say I love that idea for an interview so much better than whiteboarding a simple linked list implementation!


  1. Welcome aboard! I'm very excited about Extend Health as well. In conjunction with what we talked about earlier today, I love the knowledge and experience of our dev group and the team dynamics as well. I love how much the company values its developers and trusts them and rewards them, along with all the flexibility and freedoms offered. For me, I'm glad I made the move to Extend Health a few weeks back and it feels like the perfect fit. I'm guessing you are feeling similarly.

  2. By the way, Corey is just about the only other one that blogs and tweets fairly regularly. His blog here and his twitter here.

  3. Yeah I really like the team and sharing knowledge has been awesome. I'm amazed at how many things I've already learned after a week and a half! I'm really having fun getting my Vim combos up to speed. :p I'm really glad I joined as well and that we get to do the open source Fridays. That really got me excited about working there along with the team and interesting challenges we get to work on. It does really feel like a perfect fit for me right now as well.